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Bhalobasa runs a vital rescue program for injured and ill ownerless street animals at Halisahar.
Generally we respond to those emergency cases where the dog is hit by a vehicle, or ill or got infectious by diseases.Most cities across India don’t have an emergency helpline, a hospital, or a shelter for suffering street animals. Wounded and sick animals in those cities don’t get the treatment and care they desperately need.
Street animal rescue is vital not only for the individual animals in need of medical aid and care, but for animal protection in general. As long as injured animals suffering without care or treatment in the streets is the norm, we can’t even begin to hope for abuse to be stopped or for large scale animal suffering in factory farms and laboratories to be given a second thought.
Our rescue team : 
Generally we try to rescue animals  but some time we requir ethe help of Forest Department too. Especially when the question comes on rescuing any monkey or some kind of animal which is beyond our authority and The forest Department helps us a lot in such cases.
(Pic :  This monkey was seriously injured by a goods train at Halisahar. It was sent, for treatment, by our Organisation (Bhalobasa – An Animal Lovers’ Organisation) to Wild Life Animal Rescue Centre at Salt lake (Ph: 03323340234) with the help of the Barrackpore Forest Range.)

(Pic : This bitch fell in an accident she was highly injured she was taken to Mohanpur Hospital with injuries on breast and one front leg broken she was treated there successfully taken back to our home #Bhalobasha and went back to her old habitat after recovery.)

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Bhalobasa – An Animal Lovers’ Organization
Address : Vill +Post - Jeta , P.S. – Bijpur, N 24 PGS, Pin : 743135, West Bengal
Contact Person : Mrs. Rama Chakraborty
Contact Number : 9331876797 // 9007624269
Email ID : ramachakrabortyjatia@gmail.com

Bhalobasa – An Animal Lovers’ Organization

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Bhalobasa – An Animal Lovers’ Organization.