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Rescue & Foster For A Better Tomorrow

To foster an animal is a gift and act of kindness.The animals hold a special place in your heart and you make a world of difference in their lives.

What is Foster Care?

Foster Care is a program specifically designed to place those animals into temporary homes where they can receive the care that they need.

What are some of the reasons an animal is placed into foster care?

  • Lack of space
  • Underweight
  • Too young /needs bottle feeding (for circumstances where the mother may not be available)
  • Pregnant or Nursing
  • Emergency boarding situations
  • Injured
  • Socialization (dogs who need foster care specifically for socialization are part of our New Leash on Life foster program for dogs)
The majority of animals placed into foster are cats/kittens and dogs/puppies. We do occasionally provide foster care for ferrets, rabbits, and guinea pigs as well.

What are some of the qualifications necessary to become a foster parent?

  • Home must have a separate area where your foster animals can be isolated from your resident animals.
  • Foster parents should have a flexible schedule to allow for vaccination appointments, routine veterinary exams, and any emergency that may occur.

What kind of animals go into foster care?

Cats and dogs are the most common animals fostered. Smaller animals like rabbit, birds also can be fostered.

What if I fall in love with my foster pet and can’t let her go?

Foster families DO have the opportunity to adopt their foster pets once the animals are ready to be adopted!

Why Fostering A Shelter Pet Is Basically The Best Thing In The World

  • You're Saving Lives
Every animal who goes into a foster home brings down the number of shelter pets euthanized each year. 
"Not only are they helping us get animals adopted, but they are freeing up space at our adoption centers for other animals in need," says Zenit Chughtai, spokesperson for the Washington Humane Society.
  • It's (Usually) So Fun For Your Other Pets, Too
They always end up snuggled close to the big pack of dogs who live with Morabito and her husband on a permanent basis. The dogs don't seem to mind the attention one bit. (The dueling sweater outfits are maybe another story!)
  • Fostering Is Flexible
  • You'll Give A Pet A Chance To Shine
Pets who might not thrive in a shelter setting have "a chance to be healthy and happy."It also helps potential adopters get to see what a great personality the animal has in a home setting."
Sam's Foster Kittens.
  • You'll Make Someone Else's Family Complete
  • You're Covered
Shelters and rescue groups will typically cover medical costs for fosters. Sometimes, they'll foot the bill for food and other day-to-day expenses, as well.
  • Goodbye Is A Happy Ending
Don't be put off fostering because you think it'll be too hard when your sweetie gets adopted.

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Bhalobasa – An Animal Lovers’ Organization

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.. 

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Bhalobasa – An Animal Lovers’ Organization.