] Bhalobasa – An Animal Lovers’ Organization
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In our shelter the no. of animals are not more in count as there is a facility of rehousing for them. But  some of them are totally unable for being migrate due to their illness, bone fracture and some never wants to go away from us as they think nobody can make a better care for them than us!!! So we run our shelter with these innoscents and they live happily with us and some has been moved to other places as kind hearted people wanted to take care of them. Before sending them we have been confirmed about those people, their family, their surroundings and living atmosphere, and then we have transfered our beloved brutes to them.

(Pic : At last we got our IAB a new & sweet home with new human parents)




 (Pic : Our Loved Brutes)

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Bhalobasa – An Animal Lovers’ Organization
Address : Vill +Post - Jeta , P.S. – Bijpur, N 24 PGS, Pin : 743135, West Bengal
Contact Person : Mrs. Rama Chakraborty
Contact Number : 9331876797 // 9007624269
Email ID : ramachakrabortyjatia@gmail.com

Bhalobasa – An Animal Lovers’ Organization

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.. 

- John Bunyan

Bhalobasa – An Animal Lovers’ Organization.