] Bhalobasa – An Animal Lovers’ Organization
Email ID : ramachakrabortyjatia@gmail.com

We, human being, can speak  for ourselves but the animals can't. We need to understand the sign of their expression that are they either happy or going through any pain. They are the unique creatures of god.. So we should take care of them as much as possible. 


Bhalobasa is an animal lover's organization having veteran animal lovers.. We try to care and cure the injured, ownerless animals or street animals (especially Cats, Dogs) as per our ability. Our president Mrs. Rama Chakraborty has provided space for their living and also bought some equipments to give them better treatment. 

We own an operation theatre i.e. equipped with modern anesthetic machine like - Boyels' apparatus to opearte the animal patients





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Bhalobasa – An Animal Lovers’ Organization
Address : Vill +Post - Jeta , P.S. – Bijpur, N 24 PGS, Pin : 743135, West Bengal
Contact Person : Mrs. Rama Chakraborty
Contact Number : 9331876797 // 9007624269
Email ID : ramachakrabortyjatia@gmail.com

Bhalobasa – An Animal Lovers’ Organization

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.. 

- John Bunyan

Bhalobasa – An Animal Lovers’ Organization.